Carpet Tile Recycling and Reclamation

At FIBR we specialize in Carpet tile Recycling and Reclamation. Based in Grand Rapids, MI. Our focus is on Landfill Diversion and promoting a Circular economy. Finding new ways avenues for salvage materials through recycling processing, repurposing, and finding a New purpose for the materials.

Saving Money on your next project through Reclamation

With the rising strains of the Landfills. Cost has become a Big issue. With Landfill’s filling up, and the increasing need for more Landfill space. Disposal costs keep rising every year. The movement to a Circular economy is needed to resolve the waste issues we have in America today. We have lost considerable resources outside our country to send our recycling overseas.  At the end of the day, the customers are the ones that will bear the costs of disposing materials.

Save Big on Recycling vs. Disposal

At FIBR we can save you a considerable amount of money over your disposal costs. We make Carpet tile recycling and reclamation extremely budget friendly. We have the resources to be able to offer the lowest costs nationwide for Carpet tile recycling and reclamation.

Contact us today to schedule a Drop off or Pickup

Contact us today! We can get you the best quote available on Carpet tile recycling. Recycling your Carpet tiles has never been easier. We do all the work for you! Whether you need Reclamation services in the Next 24-48 hrs, or you need to schedule a plan for your next project. We are there for you every step of the way