Repurposed Commercial Carpet tiles for Renovation project savings

Repurposed Commercial Carpet tiles for Renovation project savings

Repurposed Renovation


The dilapidated strip mall at the corner of 4th and Main is hardly a landmark. Once home to a music store, pharmacy and a now-defunct video rental joint, this relic of mid-’90s retail is more an eyesore than anything. But the building's days as a blight on the urban landscape may be numbered: we’ve learned that local developer Greenway Acquisitions has recently purchased the property with plans to resurrect it in line with recent trends in adaptive reuse. The proposed project will convert the vacant storefronts into 21st-century housing fit for a new generation of city dwellers. Focusing on Sustanable building, while saving up to 75 % over new cost by using Repurposed materials

Repurposing used carpet tiles into new solutions

> Repurposing used carpet tiles into new solutions

> Use in office setting, warehouse setting, retail setting and church.

> Use as motel carpeting and apartment flooring.

> Use as pole barn or vacation rental floors.

What to do with used carpet

  • Repurpose the carpet tiles:

  • Reuse the carpet tiles:

  • Recycle the carpet tiles into a new technologies

  • Reuse the carpet tiles into a new solution, or its current solution at a new project

Carpet flooring options for other spaces in your home

If you're looking for a high-traffic solution, carpet tiles are the perfect choice for rooms that need to be cleaned often. These modular flooring systems can be installed in any size or shape and offer a variety of colours and patterns in addition to the initial purchase. Carpet tiles are also ideal when you want to add colour to a room without committing yourself entirely, since they're easy to remove (just pull up one tile at a time) if they're not working out. They can also be used outside of your home as well—carpeted stairs are an excellent way to cover up an unsightly staircase while adding some visual appeal! Repurposed Carpet tiles generally have 2 to 3 years of use, while being rated for 18 to 20 years.

You can repurpose and re-use carpet tiles.

You can repurpose and re-use carpet tiles.

Repurposing carpet tiles:

  • You can use them in other spaces in your home, such as the basement or garage.

  • You can also use them in commercial spaces, like for a retail store, restaurant or office space.

  • If you’re renting out an apartment or condo unit, consider using the leftover carpet tiles to cover up stains and tears that were left behind by previous tenants.

  • Carpet flooring is very popular in both residential homes and business offices because it’s durable and easy to clean. If you want your commercial space to have a more industrial appearance but don’t want to install concrete floors or hardwood floors, then installing new carpets is an easy way of achieving this look without breaking the bank!


The best part about choosing Repurposed Carpet tiles is that you can reuse them in your home or office. They will make great flooring options for other spaces like a garage, basement, or even an attic. While saving a lot of money, making sustainable flooring options that improve our climate for future generations.

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